Do you like retro style? We do and Garage Club Ostrava is one of the coolest places for our contest in the most industrial city in Czech Republic.

Trip tips

Dolní Vítkovíce

“Dolní Vítkovice – a unique, globally renowned area in the centre of Ostrava where coal used to be mined and pig iron produced between 1828 and 1998.  Now the industrial complex has transformed into a unique educational, social and cultural centre of a significance reaching beyond the region.“

Landek Park

“It is a globally famous location from the point of view of geology, archaeology, history, natural science and mining studies. The combination of a mining museum as a technological monument and the Landek hill as a national natural monument with its rich flora and fauna adds uniqueness and attraction to the area.  On the south-eastern slope of the Landek hill, with its natural science and mining educative trail, there is a unique geological cross section with layers of the carbon type coal which originated 250 million years ago and which surface through numerous coal seam exits.“

New City Hall Viewing Tower

“Visit the Czech Republic’s highest city hall tower! Just above its four-faced clock is a viewing platform, offering a wonderful panorama of the surprisingly green city of Ostrava and its surroundings from a height of 73 metres above ground level. Our viewing deck can be accessed comfortably via the internal lift. Discover more about the tower, our views and the history of the city with one of our guides. Come to the New City Hall Viewing Tower and start your visit on a high!“

Triple Hall Karolina

“Triple Hall Karolina consists of two reconstructed listed buildings. In their functional times these buildings were used by the Žofín Iron and Steel Works and Karolina Coking Plant for industrial purposes. Standing in front of you today and wearing a new coat are the „Central Office – Sports Ground“ and „Double Hall – Roofed Square“.“

Ema Heap

“Unique heap made of millions of tons extracted mining waste from the Ostrava mines. The heap is still working, so there are white clouds of gas containing sulfur dioxide. Its surface is constantly heated by internal processes.“